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24h express trucks ( NEXT DAY DELIVERY ):

  • Stockholm Express
  • Jönköping Express
  • Helsinki Express
  • Turku Express
  • Tampere Express

Transport with guaranteed delivery term

Each shipment guaranteed for a delivery at a specific time is treated as a standalone agreement. A shipment where the haulier has pledged to deliver the shipment to the destination by the agreed time. The haulier will usually charge a higher fee for this type of shipment.

If the haulier is late with the delivery, a penalty applies. The maximum penalty is set forth in legislation governing the respective type of transport or international agreement and is usually linked to the amount of the fee. A time-specific delivery is binding once the haulier has expressly confirmed it in a form reproducible in writing.

Exclusive carriage by special order

We offer our customers the option of reserving, as tailored service, suitable transport solutions for the transport project, along with special transport schedules:

  • Truck and driver arranged by customer
  • Freight transport with multiple drivers for time-sensitive transport projects
  • Delivery of goods in minivans (category B) or vans (category C)
  • Non-stop trailer transport: after a set interval, the cab is swapped out, the new driver is rested as required by law and can continue for 9 or 10 hours.

Guaranteed on-time transport and delays in goods

Across the industry, late delivery is and will be sure to remain a problem in future. While limits of liability are clearly defined for other potential problems such as damage, spoilage, theft or loss, the situation with delays is more complicated. The general terms and conditions of the ELFA set out that compensation for delays is paid if the time spent on performing the contract exceeds a reasonable time defined in the terms.

#7 of the general terms stipulates:
The freight forwarder is responsible for ensuring that the goods are accepted, delivered and handed over within a reasonable term (not guaranteed-on-time. Reasonable time is to be assessed based on the information regarding the acceptance, transport and arrival time communicated by the freight forwarder when it marketed the service or upon conclusion of the agreement.
The freight forwarder is responsible for ensuring that the goods are accepted, delivered and handed over within a reasonable term (guaranteed-on-time delivery), which is:

  • freight carriage with an on-time delivery guarantee agreed in writing separately or
  • transmitted in writing as a condition of the offer and which the freight forwarder has expressly accepted, or set out in the freight forwarder’s written offer and which the customer has accepted.
  • Delay in delivery of goods, #19 stipulates:

If goods are accepted, transported or delivered later than provided for in the first passage of Section 7, the freight forwarder must compensate the customer for such direct and reasonable losses that could have been anticipated at the time the contract was concluded as likely consequences of delay. The maximum amount to be compensated by freight forwarder may not exceed the transport fee or other compensation agreed in the agreement.

If the transport agreement includes the on-time guarantee specified in the second passage of Section 7, the freight forwarder must, unless agreed otherwise, compensate the customer for the transport fee or other compensation agreed in the agreement. The compensation does not have to be paid if the reason for the delay was circumstances beyond the control of the freight forwarder. In the case of road transport within Europe, the freight forwarder shall be also be responsible for aspects within the area of responsibility of its subcontractors. The magnitude of the customer’s losses shall be considered to be the fee agreed upon for the transport unless it was proved that the losses were smaller than the fee. In the last-mentioned situation, the amount of compensation shall correspond to the amount of the damage caused.

IMPORTANT. The compensation payable in case of delay may not exceed the amount of the fee paid for the transport.

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